Adtiger Corporations Limited

10 JUL 2020

We are an online advertising platform that connects our advertisers with our media publishers, either directly or indirectly through resellers designated by our media publishers. We primarily provide overseas online advertising services to China-based advertisers. We have strategically focused on covering top media publishers, including Facebook, Google, Snapchat, Twitter and Yahoo. Our services are empowered by our proprietary ad optimisation and management platform – AdTensor. AdTensor utilises AI technology to conduct ad optimisation and management automatically, intelligently and in real time.

我們是一個透過媒體發佈商的指定經銷商直接或間接連接廣告主與媒體發佈商的線上廣告平台。我們主要向中國廣告主提供海外線上廣告服務。我們策略性地重點覆蓋頂級媒體發佈商,包括臉書、谷歌、Snapchat、推特及雅虎。我們的服務是由我們專有的廣告優化管理平台 – AdTensor支持。AdTensor利用AI技術實現自動、智能及實時的廣告優化及管理。