Archosaur Games Inc.

15 JUL 2020

Archosaur Games Inc., established in 2014, is a leading mobile game developer in China with proven capabilities in developing high-quality mobile games with excellent market reception. The Company is a pioneer in China’s mobile game industry focusing on developing high-quality mobile MMORPGs. It has continually led the evolution in the industry technology and achieved a number of “firsts” in China’s mobile game industry: it launched one of the first real 3D mobile MMORPG grand strategy wargames, Loong Craft, and China’s first next-generation real 3D mobile MMORPG powered by Unreal Engine 4, Dragon Raja. It also launched one of the pioneering real 3D turn-based mobile MMORPGs, Fantasy Zhuxian. The Company’s principal lines of business comprise development and licensing business and integrated game publishing and operation business. It primarily licenses its games to third-party publishers.