Baozun Inc.

29 SEP 2020

Baozun Inc. (“Baozun”) is the leader and a pioneer in the brand e-commerce service industry in China. Baozun empowers a broad and diverse range of brands to grow and succeed by leveraging its end-to-end e-commerce service capabilities, omni-channel coverage and technology-driven solutions. Its integrated one-stop solutions address all core aspects of the e-commerce operations covering IT solutions, online store operations, digital marketing, customer services, and warehousing and fulfillment.

寶尊電商有限公司* (簡稱“寶尊”),是中國品牌電商服務行業的領導者和先行者。寶尊憑藉端到端的電商服務能力、全渠道覆蓋和技術驅動的解決方案,賦能廣泛多樣的品牌發展並取得成功。寶尊的一站式解決方案滿足了電商運營的各個核心需求,包括IT解決方案、網店運營、數字營銷、客戶服務及倉儲配送。

* For identification purpose only / 僅供識別