China Gas Industry Investment Holdings Co. Ltd.

29 DEC 2020

CHINA GAS INDUSTRY INVESTMENT HOLDINGS CO. LTD. is the second largest industrial gas supplier in the Jing-Jin-Ji Region1. It mainly focuses on the supply of pipeline industrial gas, liquefied industrial gas and operates a liquefied natural gas related business. The Group has autonomously run an efficient, established and proven business model for over 12 years. It has established strong brand recognition and reputation. The Group strives to become a long-term business partner of its customers by providing them with quality products and services as well as advanced technology support. 

In terms of revenue in 2019 according to the Frost & Sullivan Report

CHINA GAS INDUSTRY INVESTMENT HOLDINGS CO. LTD.為京津冀區域第二大的工業氣體供應1,主要經營管道工業氣體及液化工業氣體的供應,以及液化天然氣相關業務集團自主地營運高效且穩健可靠的業務模式已逾12年,並已建立強大的品牌知名度和聲譽。集團致力成為客戶的長期業務合作夥伴,為客戶提供優質的產品服務及先進的技術支援。