China New Energy Limited

15 JUL 2020

Founded in 2006, China New Energy Limited is a leading ethanol production system producer in the PRC. It primarily provides integrated services including engineering design, equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning and subsequent value-added maintenance for the core system of ethanol production system in the ethanol fuel and alcoholic beverage industries in the PRC. With years of operating history, it has gained substantial experience and established a solid reputation in terms of advanced technology skills and proven track records in the PRC.

China New Energy Limited是中國領先的乙醇生產系統生產商,主要為中國乙醇燃料及酒精飲料行業的乙醇生產系統核心系統提供綜合服務,包括工程設計、設備製造、安裝及調試以及後續增值維護。憑藉多年的經營歷史,China New Energy在中國積累豐富的經驗,並在先進科技技術及良好的往績記錄方面建立良好聲譽。