China Resources Mixc Lifestyle Services Limited

09 DEC 2020

China Resources Mixc Lifestyle is a leading property management and commercial operational service provider in China. China Resources Mixc Lifestyle provides property management and value-added services to one of the largest portfolios of residential properties. China Resources Mixc Lifestyle also manages and operates a diversified and growing portfolio of commercial properties comprising shopping malls and office buildings. As of June 30, 2020, the GFA of the residential and commercial properties under the property management services was approximately 106.6 million sq.m., and the GFA of the shopping malls under the commercial operational services was approximately 5.6 million sq.m. Capitalizing on the leading brand, extensive resources and experiences, outstanding technological capabilities, and appealing membership programs, together with CR Group, CR Land and other partners, China Resources Mixc Lifestyle is committed to developing a lifestyle service platform that is centered around living, shopping and working. With the distinctive business model, the Company also strives to further vitalize the residential and commercial properties under the management to create value for its customers.