GDS Holdings Limited

02 NOV 2020

GDS Holdings Limited (“the Company”)is a leading operator and service provider of high-performance data centers in China. The Company has a 19-year track record of service delivery, successfully fulfilling the requirements of some of the largest and most demanding customers for outsourced data center services in China. The Company’s customer base consists predominantly of hyperscale cloud service providers, large internet companies, financial institutions, telecommunications carriers and IT service providers, and large domestic private sector and multinational corporations.

GDS Holdings Limited(「公司」)是中國領先的高性能數據中心運營商和服務商。公司擁有19年的服務交付往績,成功滿足了一些中國最大、最高要求的客戶對數據中心外包服務的要求。公司的客戶群主要包括超大型的雲服務提供商,大型互聯網公司,金融機構,電信運營商和IT服務提供商,以及國內大型私營企業和跨國公司。