Immunotech Biopharm Ltd

10 JUL 2020

Immunotech Biopharm Ltd is a leading cellular immunotherapy biopharmaceutical company in China focusing on the research, development, and commercialisation of T cell immunotherapy for over 13 years. According to the Frost & Sullivan Report, EAL® — the Company’s Core Product Candidate — is the first cellular immunotherapy product in China approved for entry into a Phase II clinical trial, and, as of 19 June 2020, the only that had been approved for application in a Phase II clinical trial for solid tumour treatment.

永泰生物製藥有限公司是中國一家領先的細胞免疫治療生物醫藥公司,逾13年來專注於T細胞免疫治療的研發和商業化。根據弗若斯特沙利文報告,公司的核心在研產品EAL®是中國首款獲准進入II 期臨床試驗的細胞免疫治療產品,也是於2020年6月19日唯一獲准進入實體瘤治療II 期臨床試驗的細胞免疫治療產品。