Jacobio Pharmaceuticals Group Co., Ltd.

21 DEC 2020

JACOBIO PHARMACEUTICALS GROUP CO., LTD. is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company focusing on the in-house discovery and development of innovative oncology therapies. The Company is an explorer in developing clinical-stage small-molecule drug candidates to modulate enzymes by binding to their allosteric sites, in order to address targets which are lack of easy-to-drug pockets where drugs can bind. Leveraging its proprietary technologies and know-how in drug discovery and development, the Company have discovered and developed an innovative pipeline of drug candidates. With two clinical-stage theSHP2 inhibitor and a leading KRAS inhibitor, its rich pipeline also includes several early-stage drug candidates that target a variety of other major and critical pathways, and may be among the first few market entrants in their respective drug classes globally. The Company will proactively enter into strategic and synergistic partnerships with leading MNCs, while establishing manufacturing and commercialisation capabilities in China to develop innovative cancer therapies to capture global market opportunities and treat cancer patients globally.