Leading Holdings Group Limited

10 DEC 2020

Leading Holdings Group Limited (the “Company”) is a property developer with a leading market position among the Sichuan-based property developers and a nationwide presence. The Company primarily focuses on providing quality residential properties to home upgraders. In addition to residential properties, the Company also develops commercial properties, including office buildings, shopping blocks, commercial complexes and apartments, and operate hotels, and developed a diversified product portfolio. 

領地控股集團有限公司(以下簡稱「公司」)是一家於四川房地產開發商中具有領先市場地位的全國性房地產開發商。公司主要為改善居住環境的客戶提供優質住宅物業。除住宅物業外,公司亦發展辦公樓、購物大樓、商業綜合體及公寓等商業物業以及營運酒店, 並發展出多樣化的產品組合。