NetEase, Inc.

11 JUN 2020

NetEase, Inc. (“NetEase”), as a leading internet technology company based in China, is dedicated to providing premium online services centered around innovative and diverse content, community, communication and commerce. NetEase develops and operates some of China’s most popular mobile and PC games. NetEase’s other innovative service offerings include the intelligent learning services of its majority-controlled subsidiary, Youdao; music streaming through its leading NetEase Cloud Music business; and its private label e-commerce platform, Yanxuan.

NetEase, Inc. (「網易」)是中國一家領先的互聯網科技企業,致力於提供圍繞創新且多元化的內容、社區、溝通及商業活動的優質在線服務。網易開發並運營多款風靡中國的手遊和端遊。網易的其他創新服務包括由網易控股子公司有道提供的智能學習服務、由旗下領先的音樂平台網易云音樂提供的音樂流媒體服務,以及由嚴選提供的自有品牌電商平台服務。