New Oriental Education & Technology Group Inc.

09 NOV 2020

New Oriental Education & Technology Group Inc. (the “Company”) is a leading private educational service provider in China. The Company provides educational services to students through an integrated online and offline education ecosystem built around its students, parents, and teachers. By offering one-stop educational services with comprehensive services and products, the Company has attracted and accumulated a large alumni network since inception in 1993. New Oriental will continue to educate and inspire students of all ages to achieve their potential through the “New Oriental way” of innovative teaching and inspirational instruction, thereby committing to its mission of “providing students with empowerment, inspiration and horizon for a lifetime”.

新東方教育科技集團* (公司) 是中國領先的民辦教育服務提供商。公司通過線上結合線下的形式爲學生提供優質教育服務,建立圍繞學生,家長及教師的教育生態系統。自1993年成立以來,公司通过一站式教育服務和全面的服務及產品積纍了龐大的校友網絡,並将持續通過「新東方獨有的」創新教學及啓發式指導教育及啓迪各個年齡段的學生,以發揮其潛能,从而踐行「培養學生的終身競爭力,啓發學生並賦予學生全球視野」的使命。

* For identification purpose only / 僅供識別