Newlink Technology Inc.

06 JAN 2021

Newlink Technology Inc. (the “Company”) is an IT solution provider focusing primarily on IT solutions for financial and healthcare institutions. The Company is dedicated to keeping pace with the evolving customer needs in the finance industry and transforming the healthcare industry through its software-driven solutions. The Company’s IT solutions enable financial institutions, healthcare institutions and other enterprises to achieve intelligent business processing and data visualization, improve operational efficiency and optimize service quality. The Company focuses on serving financial institutions and healthcare institutions, many of which are banks and hospitals and are closely connected to people’s daily life, and through providing such institutions with both traditional and innovative IT solutions, the Company aims to improve the general public’s experience in their daily use of financial or healthcare services.

新紐科技有限公司(「公司」)為IT解決方案提供商,專為金融機構及醫療機構提供IT解決方案。公司致力於通過以軟件驅動的解決方案緊跟金融行業客戶不斷變化的需求,並促使醫療行業進行改革。公司的IT解決方案可使金融機構、醫療機構及其他企業實現業務處理智能化及數據可視化、提高運營效率及優化服務質量。公司專注於為金融機構及醫療機構(其中大多為銀行及醫院,且與人們的日常生活息息相關)提供服務,且旨在通過為該等機構提供傳統型及創新型 IT解決方案,改善一般公眾日常使用金融或醫療服務的體驗。